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America Loves Crock-Pots and So Does Milo Ventimiglia

So Milo Ventimiglia went on Ellen and spoke about the Super Bowl edition of This is Us.

The show gained popularity late in 2017 for its tear-jerking material. It was a no-brainer for NBC to schedule an episode after Super Bowl LII.

Fans waited two weeks since the last episode for the big reveal after the big game. Ventimiglia’s character, Pearson family patriarch Jack, died in a tragic fire in his home.

What caused the fire? A slow cooker. The actor refused to name the cooker by the popular brand when confronted by Ellen.

“Listen,” he said. “Slow cooker.”

“That’s what it was?” she asked.

“Slow cooker.”

“Not a Crock-Pot?”

“Slow cooker,” Ventimiglia stated once more. “I own a Crock-Pot. I love Crock-Pot.”

Crock-Pot issued out statements reassuring its customers of the product’s safety. Dan Fogelman, the show’s creator, insisted fans be calm saying the company is not at fault for the flames.

There was no brand name shown during the episode, and so fans will just have to accept the slow cooker was a thing of the past. To their delight, Ventimiglia shared he will continue to be a part of the show, via flashbacks and other moments.

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