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‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’: Chapter 4


Shelby’s pissed about Matt having sex with Lady Gaga in the forest, but Matt can’t remember a damn thing. Shelby is hysterical and thinks that Matt and Lee are conspiring without Shelby. Matt convinces Shelby that he doesn’t remember, but she’s also freaking out like whaaaaat the fuck just happened?

Shelby goes to take a shower and discovers a man in a pig mask drying to stab her. Matt tackles him to the ground and the two run off, pig man in their wake. A random man comes up and stabs him with an axe, yells “CROATOAN” and he goes away. Literally who are these people?!

The man was the man from the video, the professor. The professor explains that “Croatoan” was a message left on the tree by the lost colony, but it’s actually a dark word of blood magic. He says that everyone who ever owned the house either died or went missing, besides himself and now Shelby and Matt (at least so far).

The professor (Elias) says he is important to their survival because he knows things about the house. He takes them to the basement and gives them a complete list of paranormal activity surrounding the property.

There was an Asian family that moved into the house and fully adopted American culture. They started hearing noises in the house one night, loud, banging noises coming from upstairs. When they went to investigate they found pigs and the pig man upstairs. The pig man also pushed the daughter down the stairs at one point. They made offerings to their ancestors to protect them from evil, but those didn’t work. The ghosts of the lost colony came and murdered them. When going through the old records, Matt sees a photo of the nurse sisters that he had seen in his vision weeks before. Elias explains that when the sisters lived there, even they were terrified of the ghosts haunting the house.

Elias met the nurses, or at least, the ghosts. They told him the story of how the Butcher captured them and killed them by literally ripping their arms off and decapitating them with a cleaver.

Elias continues to list off residents of the house who had either disappeared, “abandoned” the house, or died. He also explains that there is a 6 day period – between the first quarter moon and the blood moon – during which the spirits were able to kill you. Otherwise they can only haunt you.

Elias tries to get Shelby and Matt to leave with him, because of course the first quarter moon rises tonight! Shelby refuses to leave without Flora (P.S. where is Lee?). Shelby tells him that Flora is with a little girl named Priscilla, and Elias knows where Priscilla likes to play. They go to find her.

Oh wait, just kidding, Lee got arrested duh. Matt and Shelby wanted to find Flora alive (of course) so that they could clear Lee’s name. The three go into the woods, and Matt remembers that Shelby and Matt has seen Priscilla before. She had led them to the cellar to view the video tapes.

In the woods they see Lady Gaga (sorry I don’t know her character’s name yet!) and Shelby runs after her in a rage while Matt is stopped dead in his tracks. Shelby gets lost (again!) and is confronted by a bunch of mutilated dudes who have just slipped from the shadow world into the real world.

At this point, Matt can see Flora playing with the spirits. Elias says that he needs to be the one to get Flora because Priscilla knows him. He tries to get Priscilla to let Flora come home, when suddenly there is a loud horn and Elias gets shot with a bunch of arrows. They leave him behind and run back to the house, where Cricket is waiting.

The three sit down together in the house. Cricket says that Flora is still alive. He says that he spoke to the Butcher and she told him to GTFO (in so many words). He goes out into the forest to speak to the Butcher directly, and returns visible shaken.

He comes back and says that he met “the bitch with the real power.” Cricket offers her Matt, because he knows that that is what she wants. After she was promised Matt, she brings Cricket (telepathically) to centuries in the past. The house, the land, is the sight of the true lost colony of Roanoke. He discovers that the colonists were practicing human sacrifice, and the Butcher’s son didn’t like it. He says that he is going to take the rest of colony back to where they came.

Gaga tells the Butcher to basically murder everyone and she will have an army of souls.

So that’s what she does.

Cricket says that every year on the anniversary of the slaughter is when everyone goes cray. He does say that the witch (Gaga) taught him a spell that will put down the Butcher and her minions forever. Cricket has to go back to his hotel to grab a few things, when Flora runs out into the road, in front of his car, and then runs back into the forest. Cricket follows.

Matt and Shelby start to worry because Cricket hadn’t been back for hours like he said he would be. Shelby goes to sleep, and Matt falls asleep on accident. When he wakes up he starts hearing whispers which draw him to the cellar out in the yard. He goes down into the cellar and finds Gaga. She seduces him, and it was impossible for him to resist (he was under a spell, give him a break). Her mind opens to him, and he learns her story.

She was an English stowaway, who was sentenced to burn at the stake. She killed her captors and escaped and created her spiritual world.

Shelby wakes up and goes to investigate. Before she gets to the cellar she finds the colonists, who are there with Flora. She calls for Matt and he awakens from his trance and goes to her. Matt sees Flora and says that if she is given to them they’ll leave. The Butcher is about to kill Flora when Priscilla stops her, allowing Flora to escape.

When they get Flora in the house, she just keeps saying “The Man.” Shelby looks outside and sees the colonists with Cricket.

They interview the Uber driver (lol) who explains that he left after Cricket ran into the woods and never came back.

The Butcher kills Cricket. But, they don’t only kill him, they literally rip his intestines from his body. And Matt knows that this means they are next.

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