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‘American Horror Story’ to Time Travel in Season 8

CREDIT: FX Networks

The new season of American Horror Story is going somewhere no man has gone before: the future! Showrunner Ryan Murphy stated that the new season will take place in an imagined future world, although we have yet to hear what the shows’ theme will be.

The statement was made by Murphy earlier this month at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. There’s lots of directions this could go in, such as dystopian post-apocalyptic, or technological advance. The undertone of the show suggests the former may happen, but until it airs, we’ll all be guessing. Murphy did give us one small insight, which is that he has no plans for the show to take place in space. Seems like a good generalization clue.

The only surefire character we have so far is Sarah Paulson, as Murphy has not yet contacted Evan Peters for a role. Murphy did state that once the season is a little more thought out, he will try to get in touch with the actor to reprise a role.

Unfortunately we will have to wait out the cold until the Fall to see the season premiere. But fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the shows’ writers have scraped together for the newest installment.

[via Elite Daily]

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