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Americans Continue to Throw Money at Apple in Spite of How Horrible We Know It Is

One of the worst-kept secrets in tech is the fact that Apple’s business model is based on the principle of “planned obsolescence.”

In order for Apple to continue turning a profit, it’s not enough for them to offer cool new products that consumers want to purchase; instead, they have to offer new products that consumers have to purchase. The cost of an iPhone is almost prohibitively expensive; the iPhone SE, their cheapest, shittiest model, retails for (at minimum) $349, while the all-new iPhone X starts at $999.

With prices like this, Apple needs consumers to think of their phones as a necessity rather than a luxury – a thousand-dollar price tag is a lot easier to swallow when it’s for a product you feel you can’t live without.

So, in order to grease the skids, Apple does a bunch of shady shit. Most recently, this came in the form of deliberately throttling the batteries of older-model iPhones, not only making users spend more time tethered to a power outlet, but also rendering some apps (which draw on the battery capacity to function correctly) unusable.

You’d think we’d be wise to the tech giant’s tricks by now, but from the looks of things, we’re not ready to swear off Apple just yet.

According to Apple, on January 1st alone, consumers spent $300 million in the App Store, a new record for the company. What’s more, in the one-week span between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, consumers spent $890 million just on apps and add-ons for their devices.

There’s a reason Apple continues to pursue its deeply crappy business model – it works. People read an apology from the company for its underhanded tactics designed to part consumers from their money on December 28th, yet three days later, they returned to the App Store to…give Apple more of their money. Which leads me to one question:

Is it possible to develop Stockholm Syndrome when your captor is a tech giant?

[via Mashable]

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