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Ancient Aliens IRL: Scientists Discovered a Shark with 300 Teeth

That's a hefty dentist bill

via Complex

A trawler found something interesting but insanely frightening off the Portuguese coast. Scientists discovered that the find was a species of shark dating back to 80 million years ago, with a snake-like head and THREE HUNDRED teeth.

Why something would even adapt to have that many teeth is beyond me, and scary to think about. What could it have been protecting itself from/trying to eat?!

Well, Margarida Castro, a professor from the University of Algarve explained that the purpose of their odd jaws was to “trap squid, fish and other sharks in sudden lunges.” The shark lived in the Atlantic, but ventured into water near Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

People obviously took to Twitter to express their fears:


[via Complex]

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