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Andrew Garfield Lost SO MUCH WEIGHT for His New Movie Role it’s Goals AF


So I like my men with little meat on their bones, but I have to hand it to Andrew Garfield. Garfield lived out every girls dreams and lost 40 lbs. recently. Of course his weight loss was for his new Martin Scorsese directed movie, Silence, but that’s besides the point.

According to Page SixGarfield said of the weight loss:

It’s not fun, but ultimately [it’s] very, very satisfying and fulfilling. You learn a lot of information from emptying out.

Dude, wowwwwwwww.

How did he do it? Apparently Garfield went on a silent retreat in Wales.

Garfield said,

Just after about three days everything shifts. Your central nervous system just kind of settles down and it becomes normal.

You go into all these meditation and prayer rooms and the quiet in there is the loudest think you’ve ever fucking heard. It’s crazy. You literally go in there and your ears start ringing. It’s the purest silence that you could know.

I’ve done a few of these things in the past on my personal time. I love all this spiritual exploration stuff. I’m fascinated by it.

I’m fascinated by burgers, but that’s just me.

Check out the trailer for Silence below:

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