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Android O Gives Every Emoji a Fresh Makeover


Google’s upcoming smartphone operating system is sure to bring in a bunch of helpful updates for those who like to add a little pizzaz to their texts. Android O will include picture in picture, notification dots, smarter text selection and, most importantly, new emoji!

With the new updated OS, Google is updating every single one of its emoji, and largely for the better. The old Android emoji are oddly blob-like, but the latest ones have hit the treadmill, or perhaps got botox, because they are perfectly circular. There’s also a slight enhancement of the detail to please the palette of emoji enthusiasts.


While the abandonment of blobbitude in Google’s emoji may leave some body positivity advocates fuming, the added detail better accentuates the natural beauty of each and every emoji.

Android will be totally compatible with the newest Emoji 5.0 set, so some new emoji will be compatible, including the vomit face and the dinosaur (just in case you need to tell some old person that they’re gross without using actual words). I’m most excited to see the new pufferfish, pizza and martini emoji (my emoji of choice for any situation).

Android O is still in its beta stage, so the emoji currently available are subject to change. The update officially releases in the second half of 2017, but Google Pixel owners can check out the beta right now.

[via Mashable]

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