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Andy Cohen Defends Sarah Jessica Parker After Kim Cattrall Backlash

CREDIT: Charles Sykes/Bravo

After reading Kim Cattrall’s now infamous Instagram post, Andy Cohen has decided to pick a side in the ongoing battle between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.

“I thought it was fake,” said Cohen on Radio Andy on Monday.

In her post, Cattrall accused Parker of exploiting her brother’s death to further promote her own image. Cohen then jumped to Parker’s defense, stating, “She was doing press all last week for Divorce.”

Cohen stated that he believed she may have been asked what happened and simply expressed her condolences. He didn’t see it as a motive to exploit the tragedy.

“There’s only one person fighting here,” said Cohen.

The Sex and the City stars may be friends on film but are currently at odds after drama loomed around Sex and the City 3.

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