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Anne Victoria Clark Devises “The Rock Test” To Teach Men How To Treat Women

Writer Anne Victoria Clark has a simple life hack for figuring out how to treat women in a professional context: pretend that they’re The Rock.

If you’re the kind of dick who doesn’t understand interpersonal boundaries or respect women as complete individuals, maybe imagining them as a buff man will help?

It’s, uh…. sad and pathetic that men need to be tricked into treating women like human beings, but if it works, it works.


Well, The Rock approves. But then, he would, wouldn’t he?

Welp, people seem to like it, anyway. The Harry Potter lady likes it. I guess it is a pretty good rule of thumb. And, yes, I am currently imagining myself as The Rock, just to see if it works as a confidence booster.

It…kind of does.

So yeah, give it a try. Spread the word. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Unlike the Rock. He could hurt you.

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