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Annette Bening is as Badass as Ever in the ’20th Century Women’ Trailer

20th century women poster

The buzz on 20th Century Women, whose trailer just dropped today, is that it is one of this year’s top Oscar contenders. After all, director Mike Mills’ last film, Beginners, resulted in an Academy Award for Christopher Plummer. This is especially good news for Women star Annette Bening, who has four career Oscar noms but no wins yet.

Bening plays a single mom raising a teenage boy in 1979. Feeling overwhelmed by the social upheaval of the era, she enlists the aid of a punk artist played by Greta Gerwig and a teenage neighbor played by Elle Fanning. And apparently the estrogen flows freely enough to justify some Buzzcocks in the trailer!

The clip ends with “Priceless” voice of MasterCard Billy Crudup delivering the soon-to-be classic line, “Never have sex with just the vagina, you have to have sex with the whole woman.”

20th Century Women comes out Christmas day. Watch the trailer below.


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