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Anonymous Crashes Cleveland Website for Police Killing of 12-Year-Old

While people in Ferguson are protesting the Michael Brown verdict, the hacker collective known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for shutting down the Cleveland city website early on Monday in retaliation for the police killing of a 12-year-old boy carrying a toy air gun.

Anonymous Crashes Cleveland City Website in Retaliation for Police Killing of 12 Year Old   VICE News
Tamir Rice died in hospital after being shot in the stomach twice by a Cleveland police officer. The Cleveland Police Department said in a statement that the child had not complied with orders to raise his hands. According to reports, instead Rice reached towards his waste band, where the pellet gun was tucked. The child had been pointing the toy weapon at people outside the Cudell Recreation Center, prompting a 911 call.

According to a report on that cited the deputy chief of police, Rice did not confront the officer or provoke him. His father, Gregory Henderson, has questioned the use of lethal force.

“Why not taze him? You shot him twice, not once, and at the end of the day you all don’t shoot for the legs, you shoot for the upper body,” Henderson said.

The Department’s Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team is currently investigating the incident.

Watch the Anonymous video below, courtesy of Vice News.


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