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Ansel Egort’s New “Supernova” Music Video is Dope

So there’s this new thing called “One Video,” and it is actually pretty cool. In consideration of the busy lives we lead, two hip girls named Lizzie and Kaitlyn have thought up the idea of delivering directly to you just “One Video” that they think is pretty cool this week. And today’s they chose Ansel Elgort’s music video “Supernova,” Lizzie and Kaitlyn chose well because Ansel can sing damn well, and the music video itself is wrapped up in a weird but strangely attractive dystopian vibe, with people shrouded in head to toe black shawls (except for Ansel), and a darkly lit scene.

But it’s cool as hell.

According to Kaitlyn, there were quite a few competitors for this music video of the week, including Taylor Swift’s interpretations of a rap video, which sounds pretty amazing and you should all look that up anyways. There was also a music video by the Killers, and a video released by Diplo that were both formidable competitors. But at the end of the day Kaitlyn says “All of this was rendered totally irrelevant by the release of a new Ansel Elgort video.”

The song is catchy, and maybe even a little ominous (in a good way). The title of the song is also the album title of his forthcoming EP Supernova which is being released tonight at midnight! So, if you like the sound off this single, be sure to check out the EP!

[Via The Verge]

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