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Why You Need to Get Over Yourself and Answer That Damn Text

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Let’s get straight to it. You need to answer that text. Answer that text from your friend bugging you to go out with the girls. Answer that text from your parents demanding you go out for dinner with them. Answer that text from your little cousin begging you to go see some overly priced, awfully-acted flick. Answer that text from that boy who makes it super obvious he’s into you, so much so that you’re turned off by the idea of responding. I don’t care. Answer that text because all of these might seem lame at first glance, but you have absolutely no idea what will come out of it.

You can end up having a blast, a night that was so unexpectedly fun and spontaneous. It’s true. You might also have legit the worst time of your life. But hey, you’ll get over it. The feeling of being forced to go out is a drag. Trust me, I know. There are times when all you need is your comfy bed and those one hundred pillows that accompany it. It’s fine if that’s how you feel sometimes, but not every night. Come on man, get out there. Experience things. Have fun.

You might end up feeling guilty if you don’t

I mean, you might ruin these people’s nights. It’s no fun to be the party pooper. It’s okay that people depend on you from time to time but it’s not okay to let them down all the time. They’re putting the fate of their night in your hands. Don’t fuck it up because you’re lazy or all caught up in your emotions.

You might regret not going

Regret is a lame emotion. You do not want to feel regret over not going out to what seemed like an awesome time. Think of it, it’s a couple of hours you’re sacrificing to spend time with people you care about, people who care about you. These are new experiences. Accumulate as many as possible because those opportunities won’t always be viable.

You might learn something new about yourself

No, this is so not farfetched. You can easily go out, do something with friends at a new bar that opened up and stumble upon prince charming (I wish). You can end up checking out a movie with your little cousin and connect so deeply with it you feel like tearing up. This shit has happened to me. Take my word for it.

This does not mean you should spend every waking hour outside of your house doing fucked up things. You should just be open to the idea of getting outside your comfort zone sometimes. All that it requires is for you to (drumroll please…) answer that text.

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