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Anthony Scaramucci is Such a Try-Hard, He’s Starting his own News Site

Former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, who was only in the White House for less than ten days, is trying to make his presence known once again. Wise-guy Scaramucci is the mastermind behind Scaramucci Post.

Apparently, Scaramucci Post is a news website, according to his Twitter post. The website contains his name in the hopes of capitalizing on that in order to gain traffic, but that might not go over as planned.

Scaramucci entered the White House on July 21, and was instantly the center of controversy. He threatened mass firings of various White House officials, and attacked Reince Preibus on Twitter as well as in an interview. Scaramucci was a thug who just spoke what he felt, regardless of who was listening. His stint was over by July 31.

According to the Twitter video, Scaramucci attempts to describe the Scaramucci Post as a “center lane” between two lanes. Which just, doesn’t add up. He then continues to say it will be discussing things that are “right and wrong” vs. “left and right”.

With an incoherent video, there is still no actual explanation to what the Scaramucci Post will be. People began tweeting concerns and questions, which will probably remain unanswered, as well as some tongue-in-cheek comments.

Scaramucci Post seems to be like a serious venture for little Moochie, but none of it seems legit. Just check out some of the tweets:

This is some cough syrup mixed with Codeine type shit.

[via Elite Daily]

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