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Apparently, Couples Are Terrible At Estimating How Long Sex Lasts, Jimmy Kimmel Discovers

Do you fancy yourself a marathon man (or woman) in the bedroom? If so, I might have some bad news.

Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to play a fun little game: comparing how long each half of a couple thinks their sex sessions last. Needless to say, the results are probably going to cause a few arguments when the contestants get home.

The game was inspired by a recent study which polled men and women to find out how long they think sex should last. (In case you’re interested, both men and women think it should last in the 25-26 minute range, displaying an optimism that should be applauded.)

So, Kimmel decided to go one step further.

Kimmel took to the streets to ask couples how long their sex usually lasts, with one caveat: they had to answer without consulting their partner. The results were, predictably, hilarious; one couple had a three-hour discrepancy between their estimates. (And to the man – because of course it’s the guy who overshot by three goddamn hours – I say this: I admire your confidence.)

The whole video is worth a watch, and I think these results are proof that we need to start putting timers like the ones you see at a chess match next to every bed in America. To anyone considering running for president, feel free to incorporate my proposal into your platform. You’ll win in a landslide.

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