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Apparently a Lil Wayne Sex Tape is About to Make its Debut


According to TMZ, there’s a Lil Wayne sex tape being shopped around. First of all, there’s like a 99% chance that Lil Wayne doesn’t give two fucks that his sex tape is about to hit the mainstream. Second, if it actually does manage to hit the Internet, it might actually prompt Lil Wayne to release new music. So, really, this is a win win.

Apparently, “someone” has been shopping around a sex tape of Lil Wayne having a threesome with two chicks to all the big name porn companies in the industry.

So if  “someone” manages to sell the tape, what’s next? Wayne’s rep confirms that they will “sue the hell out of them.”

The footage reportedly show Wayne in nothing but his socks with two lady friends doing all the work.


[via TMZ]

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