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Apparently Netflix is Making People Cry in Public

No, it’s not because people go out in public and cry about their show ending (although that does seems totally possible).

Netflix ran a study, the results of which were released on Tuesday, and it turns out that 67% of Americans download their shows and watch them on the go when they travel, are at work (productive) and even in public bathrooms.

Netflix surveyed 37,056 people in 22 countries, and here’s what they found:

  • 22% admit to having cried while watching in public
  • 35% of Americans to respond have had a stranger interrupt them to discuss what they were watching
  • 44% have caught someone watching over their shoulder
  • 37% admit to binging at work
  • 27% binge while waiting in a line
  • 12% actually watch Netflix while in public restrooms (we hope 100 percent of those respondents washed their hands!)
  • 11% had a show spoiled by peeking at another person’s screen

Eddy Wu, director of production innovation at Netflix, said in a statement:

“Netflixing in public has become a social norm with 60 percent of Americans watching more movies and shows in public this year than last. The introduction of the Netflix download feature has given users the freedom to watch their favorite movies and shows wherever they want, like during their commute or waiting in line, and for some… that means at work or even in a public restroom.”

Totally normal behavior, guys.

[via EW]

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