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Apple and Logitech Introduces New $49 Stylus Device Called Crayon

On Tuesday, at an iPad-focused education event in Chicago hosted by Apple, the multinational corporation announced a new Logitech-made stylus device called Crayon for its iPad family. The new device joins the $99 Pencil in the stylus lineup and will cost $49. Together with the cheaper stylus, Apple also announced a Logitech iPad case and keyboard though Apple had not disclosed any details of the cost for the case and keyboard and when it will be made available.

In an effort to counter Google’s growing dominance and influence in schools and classrooms, with its Chromebook initiative, introducing their first-ever Chrome OS tablet yesterday, Apple announced a new, but cheaper, 9.7-inch iPad today with the price set at $299 that comes with Pencil support.

[via The Verge]

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