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Apple Music’s Dedicated Music Video Section is Here and They Want It to Be All Your Own

Not long ago, Apple announced that their iOS 11.3 update would include a special section of Apple Music dedicated solely to music videos. Christmas has come early, however, as you can find music videos under Apple Music’s “browse” tab right now, before the update has even arrived.

While music videos have been on Apple Music since its inception, this new section is meant to provide the videos with a certain level of prominence as opposed to just being something included along with the songs. Now, users can highlight new additions and exclusives, with Apple also providing them with the ability to create playlists along the lines of “Today’s Video Hits” and “The A-List: Pop Videos.” It’s also got some bonus points for being ad-free. All this leads to Apple’s conclusion that this will be the “best music video-watching experience available anywhere.”

With YouTube and Vevo seemingly dominating today’s music video market, Apple is looking to compete by releasing videos exclusive to their platform. And it’s not like they’re gonna feature little known artists, either, as their first round of videos include A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Space Program” and Beck’s “Colors.” And, in true Apple/YouTube fashion, they will present you with a combination of videos aimed toward you based on your past views and the biggest new releases which may be outside of your interests.

While the new section is technically available for all iOS, Android, and Apple TV users, you can only access it if you already have a subscription to Apple Music.

[via The Verge]

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