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Apple’s Purchase of Shazam is Under Investigation by the European Commission

Apple could be in trouble yet again, as they are under investigation over their recent acquisition of Shazam.

The European Commission will look be in charge of the investigation via the request from several countries like Austria, France, Iceland, and Spain. The group will look into whether the acquisition is allow under the European Union merger law.

Apple will now seek permission from the Commission to get approval of the deal.

Apple obtained Shazam in December for an estimated of $400 million, although there was no official word on the exact amount. The company haven’t released their plans on what they will do with Shazam.

Spotify’s referrals would drop if the Apple’s deal goes through. The streaming company gains one million click each day from Shazam.

I believe Spotify and the mentioned countries are just afraid of how this deal will affect their business. I don’t blame them for feeling this way because any time a rival has the potential of getting stronger, you should do something to try and block it.

[via The Verge]

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