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Are You Kidney Right Now? Kidney Stones Are on the Rise

There are many pains associated with getting older. One of the things I fear more than food poisoning and commitment combined are kidney stones. I’ve never experienced one, but I’ve heard dozens of horror stories depicting the affliction. How painful can they be? Well if you’re a man, they’ve referred to it as “the male childbirth.”

A quick Google search will have you frowning, followed by another quick Google search of how to not get kidney stones. The simple answer is to intake butt-loads of water. Be cautious, because kidney stones are on the rise, and increasing daily. Stones have increased twofold among men and fourfold among women. And this is bad, since kidney stones are already pretty common, with around 10% of people experiencing them in some degree throughout their lives.

You may recall science claiming that we need 8+ glasses of water a day. That can be seem like an intimidating chore to incorporate, but don’t fret! You can get your water from food, and odds are you already do. So start chuggin’ people. Don’t worry about overdoing it, no one has ever died from drinking too much water. Except drowning.

[via CNN]

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