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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Underwent Major Heart Surgery

CREDIT: Antony Jones/Getty Images

70-year-old actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just undergone emergency heart surgery for a catheter valve replacement on Thursday at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, reports TMZ. The valve replacement failed during the surgery, making it necessary to perform the heart surgery.

The actor is now stable, but this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to heart surgery, as he had an aortic valve replaced in 1997. It was necessitated by a motorcycle crash that broke six of his ribs back in 2001.

“It was very painful, much more painful than the heart surgery,” he said at the time. “A rib breaking is, like, the worst.” he said.

Schwarzenegger was also in a second motorcycle accident in 2006.

Arnold, you need to retire your motorcycle days! Time for the rocking chair. It’s dangerous on the road.

[via EW]

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