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Artist Paints Offensive Tweets Outside of Twitter’s HQ to Prove that Hate Speech is Rampant on the Platform

For those of you are living your social media lives in a blissfully drab bubble filled with your peers, Twitter is a hellscape filled with people who think it’s ok to say racist and other disgusting things because “Free speech!!!!” and “The Holocaust didn’t actually happen!!!”

Yes, those people exist, and even though Twitter claims they’re doing their best to tackle harassment on the platform, they aren’t doing jack shit.

Luckily, some countries are taking action. Germany recently passed the “Facebook law”, in which social media companies could face a large fine if they fail to remove “obviously illegal” and offensive content after receiving a complaint.

German-Israeli artist Shahak Shapira doesn’t think that law is enough and set out to prove why by showing Twitter exactly what kind of posts they’re ignoring right in front of their office in Hamburg.

In the video above showcasing his demonstration, Shapira explains that he’s reported about 300 hate tweets including “absolutely serious threats of violence, homophobia, xenophobia, or holocaust denial”, and that Twitter has barely removed any of them. “If Twitter forces me to see these things, then they should have to see it as well,” he says before spray painting these exact tweets in front of Twitter HQ.

Hopefully, this protest pushes the platform to finally get their act together.

[Via Mashable]

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