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Artist Turns Warriors Players Into SpongeBob Characters And It’s Golden

CREDIT: hhhhytian/Instagram

We see a lot of fan art these days, whether it be Game of Thrones, or DC and Marvel characters. Some of the artwork can be really beautiful, some funny, and then some is just plain weird. But I think we all have to admit, the funny and weird ones tend to be the best and most entertaining ones.

This NBA inspired fan art by Instagram user hhhhytian is definitely the fan art that is on the weirder side. hhhhytian has several NBA-inspired pieces, but this series featuring the Golden State Warriors as characters from SpongeBob SquarePants really takes the cake.

Warriorsworld contributor Sam Esfandiari “stumbled across” hhhhytian’s Instagram account and tweeted about it on Wednesday night, which led to the artwork going viral.

And honestly, I’m glad he stumbled across these gems, because they’re just too good.

All the players seem to be dressed up as the different characters from SpongeBob, with Stephen Curry as the main sponge himself. Kevin Durant is dressed as Squidward, rocking the high waisted shorts and an extra pair of legs. And Klay Thompson as Patrick Star is honestly the best thing ever, it’s so weird yet at the same time perfect, as perfect as that whole lineup is.

Also his stomach looks like it has a happy face on it.

There is also a mixed media piece which features Kevin Durant in India and the Patrick Star-Klay Thompson:

Sorry ~ KD&Klay @kd35warriors @klaythompson #durant #klaythompson #warriors

A post shared by 乙田 (@hhhhytian) on

The other characters featured include Patrick McCaw as Gary (SpongeBob’s pet snail) and JaVale McGee as Mr. Krabs’ whale daughter, Pearl. There’s even an illustration of Ian Clark as a jellyfish being carried off by what appears to be a bird, proper and hilarious sendoff for him after leaving the warriors to go play for the New Orlean Pelicans.

Bye~Ian~ 🌚🌚🌚 Good luck!🔥🔥🔥 @iclark21 #warriors

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What’s crazy about the whole situation is that at the time that this article is being written hhhhytian only has 637 followers (and no, it’s not a private page). To sum it up: this Golden Warrior fan has a lot of great and creative work, especially his amazing SpongeBob-inspired fan art.

[via UPROXX]

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