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Ashton Kutcher Turns to Senate Foreign Relations Committee With Plea to Stop Child Slavery, and Wins Over Twitter


Actor turned child-abuse activist Ashton Kutcher took to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier today in a hearing to end human trafficking. Kutcher’s foundation, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, was created to help oversee the illegal internet traffic related to child sex trafficking.

Kutcher gave an impassioned plea to the committee, and went into extensive detail on what he knew about the child sex industry, as well as what he had seen while on law enforcement raids and cases.

There was a lighthearted moment in the hearing, however, when Senator John McCain acknowledged that both he and his wife thought that Kutcher was “better looking in the movies.”

Many Twitterers were quick to notice, and praise for the That 70’s Show actor has been flooding the internet.

And this gem was probably the best one of all.

[Via Twitter]

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