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The ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Trailer is Here and Everybody’s Gotta Eat

CREDIT: FX via YouTube

The Atlanta Season 2 trailer is finally here and “everybody’s gotta eat.”

Entitled Robbin’ Season, it is insinuated that both Earn (Donald Glover) and Paper Boi’s (Brian Tyree Henry) rise to notoriety as artists has made them foreseeable targets as a feeling of impending doom looms over the trailer.

A scene of a Fulton County police car with a body lying in front, scenes of a few school kids running, and a gun being pointed into a black Altima all allude to this season illustrating the old saying of “crabs in a barrel.” Those hungry to survive, too, seek the luxuries the two enjoy, and will likely go to the furthest of limits to achieve such.

The season premieres March 1 on FX. Watch the trailer below:

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