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Attention All Pastry Lovers: Starbucks is Set to Open Italian Bakeries In The U.S.

We all know Starbucks has the best seasonal lattes and yummy pastries, even if they are limited. But now you will be able to get more than 100 Italian baked goods if you live in the Seattle area.

The coffee chain is partnering up with Princi, a small chain of bakeries in Milan and London, which will produce the Italian baked goods.


Howard Schultz, the chairman of Starbucks, told the Washington Post “We’re getting into the food business, Princi will be fully integrated with bakery operations, so not only will we be roasting coffee, but we’ll be baking bread, pastries — the kind of Italian pastries you’ve never seen in America.”

Although it’s limited to Seattle as of now, Starbucks plans to eventually stock up other Starbucks with the freshly-baked goods as well. The chain plans for Shanghai in December 2017, Milan in late 2018, and then New York, Tokyo and Chicago locations.

Just one more reason to love Starbucks, because who doesn’t love bread?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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