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Auckland Airport Dog Gunned Down by Police After Running Loose And Delaying 16 Flights


Grizz, an Aviation Securty Services dog for the Auckland Airport, has been shot dead by the police after apparently becoming spooked during handling, and being on the run for over 3 hours. 16 domestic and international flights were reportedly delayed as the ground staff and airport personnel attempted to catch the dog.

The dog became loose around 4am, and the police were ordered by the airport to take lethal action after they could not control their capture efforts. And quite understandably, everyone everywhere is pretty angry.

Grizz was a 10-month-old bearded collie-german short-haired pointer cross, which was in training to detect explosives.

In a public statement released by the New Zealand Police, they confirmed that the were directed to open fire on the animal by the airport staff.

New Zealand news has also covered the incident, and animal rights groups are already reacting.

[Via NZHerald]

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