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Audi and Porsche Drivers Will Soon Have Amazon Music Streaming Right into Their Cars

Amazon has just announced a new feature that’ll arrive to users in way less time than overnight shipping.

The internet retail giant will be partnering with Audi and Porsche in order to incorporate Amazon Music into their vehicles’ entertainment systems. The feature will be available to an undisclosed amount of Porsche models and eight different 2017 and 2018 Audi models. All 2019 and later models of both companies’ vehicles will come equipped with the feature.

This will be a huge plus for Amazon Prime users, who already get Amazon Music for free. Unlike users os streaming services from companies like Spotify, Google, and Apple, users of Amazon Music in these vehicles will be able to access their music without having to open up a third-party app. This could prove to be one of Amazon Music’s biggest selling points, especially for Porsche drivers, whose vehicles don’t have access to Android Auto.

With Amazon Prime becoming such a fixture in our society through things like the ease of its internet retail store and its exclusive rights to certain shows and streaming events that come along with it, this move makes it look like the company will only grow more and more powerful in the near future.

[via Mashable]

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