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Awkward Moment Between Trump And Melania Prompts Concerns Over Their Love

Did Melania not hold Trump's hand or is the media blowing this one out of proportion?

via Cosmopolitan

Only during Trump’s presidency could a story about the First Lady not holding the President’s hand become news. A video shows Mr. and Mrs. Trump holding hands as they walk towards Marine One. Trump stops short as reporters yell out questions about “the memo,” at which point he and Melania switch sides. The two proceeded to walk the remaining fifteen feet without holding hands, though they previously had been.

Internet users came out in droves to discuss the awkward moment. With great media attention comes great scrutiny. Was it a rebuff from Melania or simply an unknowing hand shoved into a pocket on a cold day? Surely, the world will never know.

To give an example of the awkwardness of ceremony, Melania famously threw Michelle Obama off guard when she went off-script and gave her a present before Trump’s inauguration. The inauguration, a highly curated event, did not include this gift in its script. Michelle, not knowing where to stash the gift, almost posed for an official portrait with it in hand, before Barack noticed and had it removed. A few days ago, Michelle revealed that the box contained a picture frame.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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