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Awkward: Trump Mistakenly Assumes a Steelworker’s Dad is Dead

During yesterday’s press conference announcing new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Donald Trump brought up some steelworkers. The purpose – aside from demonstrating what a “blue-collar” guy Trump is – was to help underscore his selling point that the tariffs are good for American workers.

At one point, one of the workers talked about his father, and in response, Trump offered this: “Your father is looking down on you, he’s very proud.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re the steelworker), that man’s father is decidedly not dead.

In fairness to Trump, the way the worker talked about his father was a bit misleading, so it’s somewhat understandable that he would assume the worker’s father had passed away. I’ll also give Trump this: he corrected pretty quickly, albeit in a clumsy way.

After hearing the steelworker’s father was not dead, Trump gave him a quick slap on the back and said “Then he’s even more proud of you.”

Of course, Trump was pretty roundly mocked on Twitter for his mix-up:

I like to bag on Trump as much as the next guy, but I have to imagine there are a lot better reasons to do it than by nitpicking something like this. Nitpicking is fine if the president is otherwise stable and doing a good job; in this case, it’s kinda missing the forest for the trees.

Apropos of nothing: one-third of the residents of Puerto Rico are still without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which occurred 171 days ago.

[via Twitter]

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