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Back at It: Uber is Being Investigated for Several Criminal Probes


Uber has been making headlines for controversial issues that are paguing the company. First, they lost many customers as they declined to protest the travel ban. Then, they released a sexist ad in India that upset and offended many customers. One of the most recent has been a complete Uber ban in London.

Now it’s been revealed that Uber is under criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Two cases they are being charged for were previously unknown, and involve violation of transparency laws, and if Uber stole self-driving car technology documents from Alphabet.

Another issue Uber is being charged for is their use of various software programs to figure out what to charge riders and pay drivers. One program, Cascade, sets fares dependent upon several factors such as mileage and time. Another, Firehose, has a fixed, upfront rate.

The difference in these systems charges customers differently and allows for various loopholes and unfair charges.

Anthony Levandowski, former head of self-driving at Uber, also worked for Alphabet. He set up a way to get some documents from Alphabet to Uber. The company Waymo sued Uber several months ago partly because Levandowski had given Uber access to confidential files. Now the Justice Department is investigated how Levandowski and Uber took advantage of stealing various files and documents.

Uber’s Chief Legal Officer, Salle Yoo has announced she will be leaving the company soon amid all the investigations and controversies.

[via Mashable]

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