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Bali Celebrates a “Day of Silence” with No Computers, Phones, or Technology

Bali, Indonesia will be doing something this Saturday that I’ve only had wet dreams about: They will turn off all media and communications, lights and technology, for 24 hours, in a day of complete silence.

The holiday Nyepi, known as “The Day of Silence,” is held in high regards on the island of Bali. Even the airport shuts down for the entire 24 hour period. The time is spent doing meditating and self-reflection, and all distractions are quenched.

The head of Ministry Communications even made an agreement with telecommunication companies to temporarily disable data.

Doesn’t that sound fucking pleasant?

No checking emails, texts, Instagram stories, snap chats, twitter or any of that nonsense for a WHOLE. DAY.

Some Internet will stay operating, such as cyber security and hospital technology. This marks the first time the Internet won’t be accessible for the Hindu Holiday however, and I might fly there this weekend just to get some much-needed time away from it all.

[via Mashable]

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