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Baller Alert: Here’s What’s Included in Your Meal if You Want to Pay $2 Million for it


Seriously question, how much money do you actually have to have to spend $2 million for a meal. Legit. Is the food giving you head or something? Nope, but you do get to take home $17,000 fucking chopsticks.

Singapore restaurant Ce La Vi and Russian diamond company World of Diamonds Group have teamed up for what they’re calling the “world’s most expensive dining experience.”

The meal includes 18 courses with caviar, oysters and pigeon, with a range of expensive wines and champagnes. And of course, every diner comes home with a personalized pair of diamond studded chopsticks worth $17,000.

According to World of Diamonds Group, these gold-plated chopsticks are set with 4-carat round diamonds and are once again “the world’s most expensive chopsticks.”

That’s not all though. Each meal also comes with a 2-carat blue diamond ring in rose-gold dubbed “The Jane Seymour” that diners get to take home as well.


Meanwhile, I save the chopsticks that come with my Seamless delivery, but okay.

[via Mashable]

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