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Baltimore Police Officers Found Guilty of Racketeering and Robbery

A federal jury has convicted two Baltimore city police officers for their roles in one of the most corrupt scandals in history.

Both detectives Marcus R. Taylor and Daniel T. Hersl were found guilty of racketeering, conspiracy, and robbery using the power of their badges to steal money from local residents.

Their method of policing is one which has been heard and seen over and over again through the likes of music and movies alike. These two were just dumb enough to get caught and further shed light on the matter.

Admitted drug dealers were granted immunity in effort to disclose that the two officers had stolen from them, placing a shameful mark on the likes of the department. There were also several other officers accused of wrongdoings that went unindicted.

Some went as far as testifying that they had profiled people, and vehicles, in effort to perform searches without warrants. Officers also admitted to using illegal GPS devices to keep track of suspects that they had claimed to be watching for criminal activity. However, the officers were found to be doing so for their own benefit.

Both former officers Hersl and Taylor will face up to 60 years in prison.

The Baltimore Police Department has since released this statement:

While the officers claim to be willing to work to “earn” back the respect of the community, that bridge may have burned long before being that communities have been expressing such concerns for decades past, including as recent as the Freddie Gray killing in 2015.

[via Baltimore Sun]

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