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‘BBC Dad’ Parody Displays Would Be Scenario of ‘BBC Mom’

bbc mom

By now, we’re all familiar with the “BBC Dad,” the man whose interview was interrupted by his darling youngsters. The New Zealand comedy program Jono and Ben have released a parody video of the incident, but with re-imagined circumstances.

In the same situation, a mother would not only maintain a professional demeanor, but also fulfill her maternal duties. Beyond that, her maternal instincts would enable her to effortlessly balance mundane household tasks such as ironing clothes, defusing a bomb and, even more dauntingly, helping her husband find his missing sock.

The bomb defusal joke is particularly poignant, as mothers are essentially human bomb squad specialists. With their children, they know exactly which wires to cut, buttons to push, etc. to keep them happy and prevent them from having catastrophic meltdowns.

[via Twitter]

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