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BBC Reporter Drops the C-Bomb Accidentally Live on Air

The newest BBC News blunder goes to the awkwardly-cringing slip up this week.

Ellie Price, BBC journalist, was reporting on Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle outside of 10 Downing Street. She was discussing Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and whether or not he would remain in his position.

In the video, Prince says they’re waiting to hear back from Hunt, only, she did’t say “Hunt,” she drops the c-bomb accidentally.

Here is the video:

If only this were the first time Jeremy Hunt’s name got botched by news stations.

On the same day, a Sky News reporter made a similar slip-up interestingly enough.

In 2010, BBC reporter James Naughtie accidentally dropped the c-bomb while mentioning who else but Jeremy Hunt live on their Today program.

He later apologized saying it was “the most unintentional thing imaginable”.

Intentional or not, it’s still hilarious and we can enjoy others butchering his name while they replace “Hunt” with the c-word.

[via Mashable]

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