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This Bear Could Give a Shit About Children, But the Children Really Care About This Beat Taking a Shit in Front of Them

Pun intended.

The innocence of childhood can be incredibly heartwarming; there is something so beautiful about how excited children are to experience and see new things, like a bear taking a shit for example.

A Grand Rapids zoo houses an impressive line-up of animals but in this viral video posted by visitors, it seems that bears were the most intriguing. In the video, parents are so proudly standing by as the children come face to face with a brown bear in its habitat. The children are visibly entranced by the bear and following his every move and suddenly things take a turn.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do they see?

The bear directs his….um…. bottom towards the glass facing the children and proceeds to defecate to the astonishment of all involved. This natural digestive process is met with a gaggle of laughs and proves that children are so easily entertained but then again, so are adults.

See the hysterical video below:

[Via Mashable]

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