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How to Become a Software Developer


What is the fastest way to get started in software development? What is a software development? Is the career demanded enough?

It doesn’t cost a lot to turn a beginner into a professional software developer. In fact, all you need is a couple of months and the desire to learn. But being into a career doesn’t mean being a professional. Despite the fact that software development career is one of the most demanded jobs in the world, software development services are constantly looking for qualified specialists, who are serious about landing the career. Even if they don’t have a specific education and background in this field.

But the goal of becoming a software developer is a realistic one. There are a lot of special courses which turn beginners into professionals in 5-6 months only, providing them with a job within 2-3 months after graduation. So, if you’re sure you want to land this career too, you need to know what your future responsibilities as a developer are going to be and what a software development actually is.

Brief Intro into Software Development

Software development is a process of documenting, designing, building, and testing of a software component.

There so many more jobs and opportunities in this field now than a couple of years ago. It is a competitive but demanded market. So, in order to succeed you need to have a clear understanding of what software development is and have a vision of an overall IT industry.

First of all, to break into the software development industry, you have to know at least one programming language. Of course, the more language you know, the better opportunities you get. For example, you can choose specific platforms and programs to work with depending on which language you know. To make a long story short, we recommend starting with Java language as a base. Then, you can move on choosing something from:

  • Ruby;
  • Swift;
  • C++;
  • PHP;
  • Python;
  • JavaScript.

Choosing the language to program with defines what exactly your future work will be. As different languages work in different projects. Some of them are easier, while others are too hard to learn for a beginner. So, always start with Java as the base for all other programming languages. Knowing a little bit of HTML will be useful as well.

With software development, you have to be ready to start with one area in technology and then transition into another one over time. Be ready to learn and polish your skills and knowledge regularly on this career path. If you don’t have a computer science background, it will take longer to become a successful developer. What is important here is not only a theoretical knowledge but also a lot of practice in coding particularly. As long as you become a part of a software development team, you start gathering that essential experience, working on real projects along with testers and product managers.

So, for a developer career, you need to know a lot of things. But this is that kind of knowledge, which will definitely pay you off in the future.


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