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Beer Pong? Keurig Pong So Hipster That Hipsters Haven’t Heard of It Yet

Beer pong is a time-honored party festivity that our forebrothers invented in some fraternity years ago. It combines perfectly things men love to do most: compete against literally anyone, and drink beer. But these button down clad youngsters took the game to a new level. Instead of trying to get a ping pong ball into a solo cup of water, they did what everyone your age wishes they’d thought of long ago: They played K-Cup pong.

I’m sure they were already slightly inebriated by the time they got to this game, but it’s a fun thought. After maybe 4 or 17 failed attempts, one might realize this is a lot harder than they’d thought. But this guy in the video bellows actually gets it! Who knows how many times he really tried, but it’s still impressive to watch.


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