Belgian Politician’s Body Discovered in Canal



Authorities have recovered the body of Steve Stevaert, a missing Belgian politician, from the bottom of the Albert canal which connect Brussels and Antwerp. At 60, Stevaert was the former leader of the Flemish Social Democrat party and was also the mayor of the city of Hasselt and as the provincial governor. Despite his political record and the rivals you would think that comes from that, this was not an assassination.

Yesterday a Brussels prosecutor stated that Stevaert was set to be charged for rape, indecent assault and abuse of office. Many believe Stevaert committed suicide, including the police. He even left a farewell letter at his residence, which looks original to his handwriting. His case dates back to 2010 and in the 5 years since, he has repeatedly denied the allegations against him.

Divers retrieved Stevaert’s body after finding his bike propped up along the waterside, in addition to two jackets.

The incident begins with a TV show, where Stevaert and the victim were guests. Stevaert admitted to having sexual relations with the woman but vehemently denounced it as rape. The victim did not come forward until 2013.

[via BBC]



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