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Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld Shortly After Birth, Investigations Begin To Find Cause

SeaWorld Orlando says one of their beluga whales have does shortly after being born at the theme park. An investigation has began to determine the cause of death.

The official report from Orlando Sentinel say the calf was born unusually weak this past week. The newborn apparently rose to the surface of the water before sinking to the bottom of the pool. Whisper, the 17-year-old mother, has lived at SeaWorld Orlando since 2010.

SeaWorld said animal care teams tried to revive the calf but were unable to save it, and the cause of the newborn whale’s death is unclear.

Unfortunately for SeaWorld, being negatively covered in the news is noting new. Ever since the release of 2013 documentary Blackfish which showed some cruel and horrifying treatment of watermark animals SeaWorld has been walking a tight rope, this dead of a young calf does not help their image. There has been anger still circulating from an incident where three whales dies back in 2015 at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Park officials say they will run a full post-mortem examination, which could take several weeks before results are finalized. They also say Whisper’s pregnancy appeared normal.

[via Cosmopolitan]


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