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Bernie Sanders Praises Pope on Climate Change and Inequality

pope francis

The Pope’s three-city visit to the U.S. is worrying some Republicans that the pontiff will spend time talking about contentious political issues, such as climate change and inequality.  Bernie Sanders, current presidential candidate and sitting senator, endorsed much of Francis’ thought in an MSNBC interview with Chris Hayes on Tuesday.

“Obviously, I disagree with the Pope on a woman’s right to choose, and I disagree with the Pope on issues of gay marriage,” Sanders said. “And our Republican friends kind of gravitate to him on those issues. But I think the fundamental critique he is making of the hyper-capitalist society that we are seeing globally is something that is striking a strong resonance in the hearts of many of the progressive members of the Congress, and we applaud him very much.”

Republicans are publicly against what the Pope has said about those two issues, in particular (inequality and climate change), with the most recent example come from Iowa representative Steve King, who said that the pontiff should stop talking about “what might be called pollution”.

Specifically regarding climate change, Sanders said the following: “When you have the leader of the Catholic Church telling us that we cannot continue to destroy God’s planet, and that we have got to move in an aggressive way to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. That is a profound statement which I see already having a significant impact on the debate.”

[via Raw Story]

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