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Bernie Sanders Sat Down With Bill Nye to Discuss Climate Change on Facebook Live

Senator Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye The Science Guy sat down together early on Wednesday morning to discuss climate change in a live talk on Facebook.

During their conversation, Sanders touched on Donald Trump’s personal stance as a climate-change denier (he has stated that he believes it is a hoax invented by the Chinese), and he and Nye went on to list the many economic benefits that paying attention to global warming would serve us now, and far into our future. The pair also compared the climate change denial movement that we are seeing take over the White House, as well as on Fox News, and within the community of Trump’s supporters, with the denial of the health risks of tobacco, agreeing that this feels like a repeat of a previous several decade-long error in judgement.

Nye also took the opportunity to offer rave reviews to the electric Chevy Bolt he drives when Sanders asked him to talk a little bit about transportation and climate science.

Watch the full discussion below:

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