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Beyonce Wants All the Hate for the Cheek Biter to Die Out

Tiffany Haddish recently spoke out about the Beyonce party last December where an actress got a little too flirtatious with JAY-Z, and then allegedly bit Beyonce’s face. Fans of the Queen B were outraged, and suddenly everyone was swarming to find out who the alleged face eater was. But Beyoncé recently put out a formal statement that she’d like everyone to calmly and politely back the f*ck up.

She went on to say that she harbored no bad will against the alleged actress, who people are speculating to be Sanaa Lathan. A source for Beyonce stated:

She thinks it’s sweet people are so concerned, but also doesn’t want to make life hard for the person that did it. Beyoncé’s team is being contacted by almost everyone they’ve ever met! They are getting texts and calls asking, ‘Were you there? What did you see? Have you heard anything?’ It’s pretty insane for anyone that works with Beyoncé.

Yaaas Queen.

Leave it to B to forgive and forget.

[via Cosmo]

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