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Bill Cosby Accuser Testifies Against Him of Alleged Assault in 1996

On Monday, the trial of Bill Cosby for the alleged 2004  sexual assault of Andrea Constand started. The first witness took the stand yesterday, she was identified as Kelly Johnson. She testified as a “prior bad acts” witness. She was the only witness allowed, even though the prosecution originally wanted 13.

Johnson testified that back in the late 90’s she worked for an agency, William Morris as an assistant. The agency that used to represent Bill Cosby. In 1996, she alleges he assaulted her at a Bel Air hotel.  He asked her to bring him food and to “discuss her potential career as an actress”

After he gave her a big white pill and told her,

“Would I ever do anything to hurt you? Trust me, it will just help you relax.”

At first, she pretended to take the pill but failed. She stated the pill made her feel underwater.

Then she alleges, that the next thing she knew she was on a bed with her dress pulled down and her breasts exposed. She then claims that he took a bottle of lotion and placed her hand on his penis. Afterward, she does not remember how she got home.

Johnson also states that she did not consent. This was just one incident she describes where he wanted her to act out a kiss scene, In which she refused to do the kiss. Later on, she would overhear Cosby trying to get her fired.  According to her, he stated ” She’s a problem. You need to get rid of the problem”. She was later terminated.

Johnson is now aged 55. Andrea Constand is expected to take the stand sometime.

[Via Vulture]

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