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Binge Your Favorite Shows in a New Dimension with These Detailed 3D Floor Plans

Drawbotics, a company that specializes in 3D real-estate visualizations, had a bit of fun recently by recreating the homes of some of their team’s favorite TV shows.

This effort involved “marathon-viewing these shows for weeks and more than 200 hours of work.” I’m assuming that 199 of those hours were spent bingeing and only one was spent on the graphics. These guys are pros, so I’m confident they can do what they need to do in a matter of minutes. And they absolutely had to watch every episode multiple times to catch all the details you pick up on only after a third of fifth viewing.

Below, check out their designs for The Office, Parks and Recreation, Suits, Brooklyn Nine-NineMad Men, The IT Crowd, and Silicon Valley:








[via Sploid]

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