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Blac Chyna’s New Music Video Seems to Take Aim Right at Rob Kardashian


Here’s a rundown of the drama:

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were on and off forever. They had a baby, they starred in some bullshit reality TV show, and everything seemed to be okay. Then, shit hit the fan, Blac Chyna left, and Rob had a meltdown.

Kardashian took to Twitter to leak nude photos of Chyna, call her out for all the men she’s banging, expose her alleged drug and alcohol abuse, and go on an entire rant that made him look like a total asshole.

Then Blac Chyna threatened to take legal action.

Now, she’s becoming a rap Queen … apparently.

According to a report from TMZ apparently Blac Chyna wants to “be the next Nicki Minaj.” And though she’s not rapping yet (thank God) she is in Belly’s new video for “P.O.P.,” dressed in fur and lingerie.


Now check out the possible Rob reference.

“P.O.P.” stands for “power of pussy.” How lovely. Chyna appears comes when Belly raps, “She took you for everything, you let her do it again.”

Ouch. Come on! That’s totally for Rob!

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