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‘Black Mirror’ Comes To Reality With New Dating App

CREDIT: Netflix

Netflix and Black Mirror have teamed up to release Coach, the dating app that lets its members know how long their relationships will last.

The app first appears in the Season 4 episode “Hang the D.J.,” in which Amy (Georgina Campbell) and Frank (Joe Cole) use it along with a society of people who believe in “the system” to find their lifelong partners. They strike luck early on by getting 12 hours together, but then they face trials in trying to get a second chance together.

Does it sound intriguing? Sign up to try it out for yourself on the Coach website!

Once on the site, you tap anywhere and then you click through as directed. Unlike the show, this version expects you to already have a partner (sorry, single people). You copy the link Coach shares and send it to your partner. Will you be in luck with time?

Here comes the fun. You must wait patiently for Coach to plug in the results. You can’t cheat either because it knows when multiple tabs are open. The app gives you the option to see your expiry date, just like on the show. However, both partners must choose to do so.

What did you decide? Are you happy with the results? Click the link above and have fun with the Black Mirror idea brought to life.

Black Mirror is currently streaming on Netflix.

[via Mashable]

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