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‘Black Panther’ Birthed Afrofuturism: What You Need to Know

CREDIT: Marvel Films

There is no doubt that the world of Marvel has given us some marvelous superheroes over the past few decades.

The comic book and superhero movie genres are rapidly becoming more popular with the younger and older people alike. While the love for comics has been there for a quite a while, superhero movies are attracting more viewers than ever before because of the advanced graphics and VFX features available.

In fact, did you know that Black Panther, the movie is the first movie from the Western world to be telecast in Saudi Arabia after a really long time? It just talks about how popular this superhero figure is around the world, and how it is not just about comics here but a medium to mend fences between different countries of the world too, as they learn and appreciate each other’s culture.

Whenever we learn that Marvel is releasing another movie, we get excited irrespective of time and place.

Black Panther was one movie that received a lot of hype even before it released because people could not wait to discover this new superhero on screen. The movie turned out to be brilliant enough to live up to the hype. If you are not acquainted with it and wondering how Black Panther came into being, then read on.

The birth of the Black Panther:

The movie opens with an animation that shows a vibranium meteorite landing on a North African plain. As a result, Wakanda is born. It is a utopian African kingdom and serves as the backdrop for the mains story.

When King T’Chaka informs his son, T’Challa about their kingdom’s access to advanced technology, he had not imagined what the consequences might be. At that point, Wakanda had an immense hidden potential to dominate the world one day. However, then the Wakandans decided to go insular instead.

T’Challa is the one who dons the costume of the Black Panther in the movie. Heir to the ancient ruling dynasty in Wakanda, and ritual leader of the Panther Clan, he had to adjust to his responsibilities from a young age. His elder brother, Hunter hated him because their mother died when giving birth to her second child.

T’Chaka, their father, remarried, but even his second marriage did not work out. After some time, he was murdered by Klaw, a Dutchman who wanted to take over the rare Vibranium metal that could only be found in Wakanda. However, T’Challa managed to drive Klaw off by maiming him with his own weapon.

After that T’Challa went to study in Europe and America. In order to become the Black Panther, he had to defeat his uncle S’yan who was the existing Black Panther at that point. He also had to undergo ritual trials in Wakanda before gaining the right to use the heart-shaped herb which could enhance his abilities. Once he donned the costume, he was also spiritually connected to the Panther God Bast.

If you are already interested, then be sure to check out the movie!


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